Yessy – Queens, NY

21 julio, 2016, porDra. Yvelise Bello

Hey ladies! Im from NY and 5 months ago i had a tummy tuck with liposculpture with Dr. YVELISE BELLO and all i can say is that that was the BEST decision of my life. After searching for months, looking around on different doctors job, i finally decided to go see dr. bello and i am extremely happy for that. After having twins, my body was a mess and i was very sad and frustrated. Now, after my surgery, i feel like a brand new person with curves and a j-lo type of booty! since the day i first contacted her, dr. bello was very helpful always answering all my questions and giving me all possible reccomendations so i when i would go see her my body would be in its best. Once i got there she gave me a consultation in person where i finally got to meet her and oh-my-god I LOVED HER! she was VERY PROFESSIONAL, caring and nice and so not money hungry. As a great professional, she got her cardiologyst see me to perform evaluation on me and then i got a complete blood work, x-rays and ekg, which as boring as sounds, i found it pretty good, cuz that let me know shes great at her job and she does everything “by the book”. So after making sure everything was ok with me, one of the great days finally happened… the day i finally i got my procedures done. everything went so nice and smooth and my post-op was very good, her staff is AMAZING! She always came to see me and always with a smile in her face… I LOOOOVED everything about it! I have my dream body and i cant thank dr. bello enough for that! I am extremely happy and thankful. Soon I will go again for the boobies! Can’t wait! Ill keep you posted 😉 and hope my review was helpful 🙂 xo

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