Ebony Bronx, New York

13 julio, 2016, porDra. Yvelise Bello

Hello everyone, I am from Bronx, New York and I traveled to the Dominican Republic for my plastic surgery. I am very happy to say I made one of the best decision of my life, getting breast augmentation and liposculpture surgery by Doctor Yvelise Bello Paredes. After many months of researching online and contacting other doctors, after all she was the best. She is there when you need answers. She answers all your questions asap. She is extremely professional and best of all caring. She gives great consultations and tells you exactly what you need or don’t need. She gives her patients security and ease of mind before, during and after surgery. She truly cares about her patients. Is been 3 years since my breast implant augmentation and liposculpture surgery and my procedures has enhance my body structure and has change my life. I feel more secure about my body thanks to Doctor Yvelise Bello Paredes hands, I owe my highly self esteem to her. I recommend her 100% I had recommended her to friends and family and they also agree with me she is truly one of the best caring, responsible, and professional plastic surgeon world wide. She will make sure all her patients feel happy and secure in her hands making you feel you made one of the best decision of your life. I am forever grateful. God bless her always and give her many many more years so she can keep making her clients truly happy and beautiful.

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